Students Select Here for home practice ideas


Mrs. Schenkel's students can practice EVERYWHERE!

If you have speech goals:

  • Make up sentences using words with your target sound.
  • Find your target sound in a book from the library.
  • Walk around your room and make a list of everything you can find with your target sound.
  • Check your plate at dinner for any foods that have your target sound in their name.

If you have language goals:

  • Draw a picture and write a short summary with the main idea of any book you read or movie you watch.
  • Write a postcard to a friend. Be sure to describe something fun you did in complete sentences.
  • Ask each member of your family a few "wh" questions each day.
  • Use pictures from a magazine or book to practice your describing skills.
  • Write Mrs. Schenkel a letter. Use good grammar!

If you have social goals:

  • Invite a friend over to play- make sure to use your good friendship skills.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor a few conversational questions- remember to show them you're listening by looking at their face without staring and making comments.
  • Ask your mom or dad how their day was. Don't forget to ask follow-up questions!
  • Smile at people you see at out in the community when you're at the pool or the grocery store!