Helpful Videos

Supporting Your Beginning Reader

The process of learning how to read can be a stressful and exciting time for both you and your child. The video below is designed to demonstrate how to support your beginning reader. As you watch the video, you will see supporting your child as a reader is a three step process:

  • First, you will see the adult and child take a 'picture walk' through the book. The purpose of the 'walk' is to help the child understand the 'gist' of the story, as well as introduce the reader to vocabulary words she may struggle with when she reads the book. Remember though, don't ruin the ending by going to the last page!
  • The second step is supporting the reader as she reads the book. This is demonstrated several ways. One is to praise the reader when she uses reading strategies such as looking at the picture, saying beginning sounds, asking herself "What would make sense?" Support is also given when the child comes to a difficult word and doesn't know what to do. Asking questions such as "What would make sense?" and "What would sound right here?" give support but still allow the child to successfully read the word. If you have given a clue and your child is still not able to read the word, then say the word for her.
  • The third step of the process you will see demonstrated, and the most important, is to discuss the story with your child. Notice this is done in a fun, engaging way .

As happens many times at home, during the recording of this video, there was an interruption. Notice that the reader was so engaged in the book she didn't miss a beat. She was truly enjoying both her success and a great book! As you support your child as a reader, remember, the goal is to build a life-long reader, not to be successful with one particular story. The best way to help your child reach this goal is to MAKE READING FUN AND ENGAGING!!